Our School

Belmont Primary School (BPS) is a co-educational P-6 school located in the suburb of Belmont in the city of Geelong. The school provides primary education for families in the suburb of Belmont and draws the majority of students from the immediate locality.  The current enrolment of the school is 300 students, and enrolments are growing. Significant building and grounds upgrades over the strategic period, attractive modern playgrounds, and stimulating learning areas combine to provide a welcoming environment for students led by a team of committed teaching and support staff. The Student Family Occupation (SFO) index has been steadily dropping over the strategic period and is currently 0.30.

Staffing has been relatively stable over the period with the exception of the retirement of the previous long-term principal. Generally, the school operates in multi-age groups reflecting the school’s team approach to integrate teaching and learning into programs, responsive to the individual needs and differences of students. The curriculum is based upon the AusVELS teaching and learning standards. In 2014 the School revisited its core values.


Students, staff and parents agreed on the following key values for Belmont.

·         Respect – Showing care and consideration for self, others and property. Valuing relationships and treating others as we would like to be treated.

·         Honesty – Behaving with integrity. Being truthful and trustworthy in all we do.

·         Responsibility – Being accountable for attitudes, actions and behaviours.

·         Courage – Showing persistence; doing things that need to be done, even when they are difficult.

·         Learning – Having enjoyment and showing a love of learning. Showing pride in ourselves and our school. Doing our best.

          Community – Sharing the goal of making our school the best it can be.